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puppy aptitude test

So, you have a new puppy. Congratulations!

It is a true joy. After much deliberation, considerations, and a hefty investment probably, the new creature is finally becoming part of the family.

But what if within a few months, all of a sudden, the behavior and personality of your dog becomes much different than that of the puppy you brought home just a few months back. As part of the transition from a puppy to an adult dog, you may notice a more aggressive behavior, less obedience, or even worse, your dog starts attacking for no reason. For others, the transition may result in a timid and fragile disposition. 

What now?... you must have invested considerably in purchasing supplies, veterinarian bills, etc. On top of that, you have become attached, although this is not the puppy you have come to know anymore. How do you go on from here?

We are here to help you avoid all this frustration.

We offer puppy aptitude tests to help you select the dog that is right for you for many years to come. We provide you with a complete assessment report of the anticipated disposition of your adult dog after maturing from the cute and adorable puppy you met at your dog breeder or pet store.

With only a small investment, you would be able to take an educated decision with regards to selecting a dog that would match your expectations throughout their lifetime. 

Choosing a pet is a meaningful and joyful lifetime event.

Image by Emile Pest
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