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Issy Warshavsky

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt connected with animals, pets, and dogs especially. Adopting my first dog made me realize I had gained more than just a friend, he was there for me unconditionally, as I was there for him.

Spending time observing dog behaviors, traits, and nuances, I can now see these humane creatures can offer us a mirror into our own souls.

I look forward to sharing my passion, experience, and joy of working with puppies and adult dogs. My training approach relies on positive reinforcement that will strengthen the bond between yourself and your four-legged companion

.Canine Academy Certified.


Dr. Arik Vishnevsky

Our collaboration with Dr Arik Vishvensky DVM whom owns the Central Vaughan Animal Hospital helps us to provide you with the best service and helps us solve extreme behavioral problems if needed.

Tseela Aharon-Yariv

My passions are dogs and photography. I decided to combine the two, I took a couple of professional photography courses and my specialized niche is photographing dogs in their natural environment. Making photos of dogs with owners and their families, dogs with kids, and dogs with elders. I prefer using the natural habitat scenery, but I am providing an option for a studio as an additional service.

I am investing as much as I can in my passion to be more professional, learning and applying new techniques, on top with current photographic techniques, and adding value to the dog owners.

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