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In Home Puppy Training

This program is available for puppies that are 8 weeks old or older.  


Part One

Learning and understanding how to manage your puppy indoors and outdoors.

Topics such as formulating a daily routine, appropriate exposure, taking leadership, preventing unwanted behaviors at home: 

  • excreting indoors 

  • nipping/chewing 

  • destructive behavior in your home and yard

  • jumping on people 

  • inappropriate barking 


Part two

Learning and practicing basic commands such as: sit, down, come, stay, wait, leave it,walking on leash and more. 

The package includes:

 consultation meeting around 1.5-2 hours , plus four private home sessions (around 1 hour each). Working with the puppy/dog and guiding the owner on how to practice these new skills.


We will provide you with detailed material on raising and housebreaking your puppy. Homework after each session will be expected of you, so you can continue to practice on your own.


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