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PAL-In Home Dog Training

Our main goal is to create a good connection between you and your pal.

Our training method is based on positive reinforcements, a lot of love and respect to our best friends.



In Home Puppy Training

This program is available for puppies that are 8-16 weeks old   

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Change unwanted


Behavioral, discipline and rehabilitation for any dog at any age.

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PAT-Puppies Aptitude Test

This test help you to anticipated disposition of your adult dog

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Dog Photography

Professional outdoor and studio dog photography session in and around Toronto

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Find the right dog for you

Ensure you end up with a perfect lifetime match with your best pal

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About Us

Our company was founded with true love for animals in general and dogs in particular, we believe that the dog should become an integral part of the family structure and integrate into the daily life of the family.
With us you will find Selection of services for your dogs such as: Choosing the right dog that suits you best, aptitude puppy test, in- home puppy training, handling discipline and behavior problems in adult dogs such as, fear, aggression, possessiveness and more ...

In our company you will find everything for your beloved furry friends.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”


Josh Billings


"Kind & Loving"

 professional training

Julia Levy

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Renée Shah Singh

Israel is a great dog trainer. With lots of sensitivity and approach to our nine months dog, Lulu, we see an improvement in her behavior. She listens and understands our instructions, and she became much more pleasant. Israel provides us support when needed between training as well as advice on issues that arise.
we highly recommend Israel as a dog trainer!

Issy is the dog whisperer! Our 6 month old cockapoo Chip LOVES him. More than training Chip Issy is training us to lead. I would HIGHLY recommend Pal Dog Training


Israel did an amazing job training our golden retriever puppy. We see a huge behavior change since the first day we started. She now listens and understands what we are asking of her. Israel brought forward lots of information about the dynamics between humans and dogs by providing us with training documentation and tactics after every session. We are so grateful for his work as we see a huge improvement in Luna’s behaviour.

Eden ziv

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